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  • Geoptik Carrying Bag for 9.25" SC EHD Telescopes OTAs

    • Číslo produktu: 30B111
    • Výrobca: Geoptik
    • Váha dodávky: 2.5 kg

    Naša cena: 143.95 €
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Geoptik padded Transport Bag for compact telescopes with 9.25" aperture

The new carrying cases from Geoptik are preshaped and ideally suited for taking the optical tube assemblies. Dovetail bars and slso the finder can stay at the tube. The telescope can be fixed in the bag with straps.

General information about the Geoptik carrying bags:

Carrying bags from Geoptik are made in Italy. This means an especially fine quality of workmanship and also a long life cycle. There are no seams that may separate.
Optimal shape - Carrying cases from Geoptik are pre-shaped. Thus you can put the telescope into the case more easily.
Protection against moisture - Carrying cases from Geoptik have a water-repellent robust outer shell. The zip fastener also does not let water to leak inside. Thus your instrument is not only protected at high air humidity, but even at slight rain.

Suitable for: 9.25" SC and EHD telescopes
Padded: Yes
Weight: 2.5 kg
♦ Transport Bag from Geoptik

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