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  • Geoptik Quilt Bag for Losmandy G-11 mount

    • Číslo produktu: 30A045G
    • Výrobca: Geoptik

    Naša cena: 100.95 €
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Geoptik Quilt Bag for Losmandy G11 mount without tripod padded bag - perfect for transport

Technical informations:
The padded case fits parallactic mounts like: Losmandy G 11
Internal dimensions: 40 x 40 x 20 cm

General Informations about Geoptik Quilt Bags:
Geoptik padded bags are robust and provide protection against moisture and mechanical influences. The bags are of a high quality for a long life-span.

Ergonomic Design
Geoptik carrying cases have a very ergonomic design, allowing you to handle them easily. For instance, inserting a telescope into a Geoptik carry case is easier than in many competing designs.

Protection from Moisture
Geoptik padded cases protect the telescope from moisture and light rain. The skin is waterproof and even the zippers are spray water proof.

Easy to Carry
Each Geoptik case (except the accessory case) has carrying handles which will support the weight even of rather heavy telescopes. Many cases can even be used like a backpack. This reduces the strain on your back and leaves the hands empty so that you can carry additional gear, like accessories.

Extra Compartment for Accessories
Many models of the Geoptik cases have a separate compartment for accessories.

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