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  • M48/T2 adapter Omegon – short version  
  • M48/T2 adapter Omegon – short version

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    • Výrobca: Omegon

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Omegon M48 to T2 adapter - for cameras, eyepieces and more

This adapter is the solution to many problems encountered when connecting your accessories. This is the right adapter if you want to adapt from an M48 male thread to the common T-2 fitting.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • M48 inner thread to T2 outer thread
  • connection to eyepieces, cameras, telescopes etc.
  • no focusing problems - very short overall length

Crayford focusers, apochromatic telescopes, eyepieces, filter wheels and coma correctors - many astronomical instruments and accessories now have an M48 thread. The M48 is also the normal thread used for 2″ filters. It is hence useful to be able to adapt your filter to a T2 thread. But sometimes it can also be useful to be able to adapt from an M48 barrel to a T2 fitting. Both connections are common and it is invaluable to be able to resolve connection problems between the two.

The adapter is 1.15cm thick. 6mm of this is the internal thread and 4mm the outer thread used for attaching and removal. The net light path is 1.5mm when the distance between chips is measured from the upper edge of the thread. This would be 7.5mm from the start.

Connection (to the telescope) M48
Connector (at camera end) T2
Optical length(mm) 2
Weight(g) 9
Material Aluminium
Colour black
Type of build Extension & reduction adaptors
Type Adaptors
Overall size LxWxH(mm) 51,5x51,5x11,5


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