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  • Farebná kamera Omegon veTEC 16000 C Color  
  • Farebná kamera Omegon veTEC 16000 C Color

    • Číslo produktu: 61045
    • Výrobca: Omegon
    • Váha dodávky: 0.54 kg

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Sensor type CMOS Chip (Panasonic MN34230)
Size of chip (mm) 17.6 x 13.3
Chip - Diagonal (mm) 21.9
Pixel size 3.8
Resolution Photograph (Pixel) 4640 x 3506
Megapixel 16
Bit depth (Bit) 12
Images per second 7 (at full resolution)
Colour camera yes
Active cooling yes
Max. cooling difference below room temperature -40°C
Power supply 12 (3A)
Interfaces USB 3.0 (2x USB2.0 Hub)
Autoguider no
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10 (Linux & Mac through INDI)
Connection (to the telescope) 2″
Filter thread yes (2″)
Flange focal distance (mm) 17.5
Software included in product contents
Operating temperature -10°C - +50°C
Binning 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 (Digital)
Internal memory DDR3 RAM
Shutter Rolling Shutter
Filter wheel no
Carrying case yes
Other contents USB cable
Connection (to the telescope) T2
Power pack yes
Series veTEC
Length (mm) 104
Diameter (mm) 84
Weight (g) 540
Outer material Aluminium
Colour Bronze
Type Camera
Type of build Astronomical Cameras
Area of application
Autoguider yes
Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
AllSky, Meteore no

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