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  • Diaľkomer HAWKE LRF 800  
  • Diaľkomer HAWKE LRF 800

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Hawke LRF Laser Range Finder - Accurate distance measurement at the press of a button!
Hawke Laser Range Finders are designed to deliver highly accurate distance measurements with the press of a button. They are ergonomically constructed to fit comfortably in your hand with easy access to both of the control buttons.


  • Fully Multi-Coated Optical System – BK-7 Prisms
  • Measure Distances Accurate To +/- 1 Metre/Yard
  • Ergonomically Designed To Fit In Your Hand
  • 6x Magnification And An Adjustable Dioptre
  • Auto Shut Off Battery Save Feature
  • Wide Angle Optical System
  • Lightweight And Compact Construction 

Hawke LRF800
The compact rangefinder offers a 6x optical magnification. All lenses are multi-coated and offer a generous field of view. The rangefinder works from 6-800 meters distance with an accuracy of +/- 1 meter. The device is waterproof according to the IPX5 standard.

The scope of delivery includes the device, operating instructions, carrying case, wrist strap, cleaning cloth and a CR2 battery.

The Hawke LRF rangefinder offers the following measurement methods:

    Standard mode measures the straight line distance to the target you are aiming at. It is measured to the nearest yard/meter. When there is nothing displayed in the targeting modes area of the display (to the left of the distance), you are in Standard mode. Active Scan: If you hold the POWER button while in Standard mode the range finder will continuously scan so you can move around and get constant updates of the distance.

    Rain mode measures the straight line distance to the target, but ignores any interference from falling raindrops.

    Hunt mode measures the straight line distance to the target, but ignores any interference from long grass or brush that stands between you and the target, ideal for measuring the distance to a deer that?s walking through long grass or woodland. When Hunt mode is triggered the Hunt mode icon will have a circle around it.

    Flag mode measures the straight line distance to the pin by actively searching for the flag sitting in the foreground, ideal for measuring the distance to the pin and helping with club selection. When Flag mode is triggered the icon will have a circle around it.


Type of build Laser rangefinder
Magnification 6
Front lens diameter(mm) 25
Insertion black
Distance measuring capacity  
Maximum operating distance(m) 800
Measuring accuracy(m) +/- 1
Special features  
Multiple measurements yes
Meter-Yard change yes
Horicontal distance yes
Inclinometer -
Protection bag yes
Splash-proof yes
tournament registration yes
Field of view  
True field of view(°) 6,5
Field of view at 1,000 m(m) 114
Light intensity 17,4
Twilight factor 12,2
Colour green
Length(mm) 94
Height(mm) 78
Weight(g) 130
Series LRF
Area of application  
Hunting yes
Sporting shooters yes
Golf yes
Battery type CR2

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