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  • TS Flexible Photo Bag and Transport Bag for Star Adventurer

    • Číslo produktu: TSB-SKAD
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TS Optics TSB-SKAD Padded Photo Bag and Accessories Bag - black

The TSB-SKAD is a lightweight yet durable transport bag. It is made in Italy and convinces with a very good workmanship.
For example, a DSLR camera with attached lens, a second lens and many accessories fit in the bag. By using the three spacers, the bag can be divided into up to four internal compartments.

Optimal use of space by rectangular shap!

The photo bag offers optimal space utilization. The inner dimensions are 33x16 cm and the inner height is 18 cm. All areas are easily accessible from the top so quick access is possible.

Special recommendation - accessory case for astronomy

The TSB-SKAD is particularly suitable for convenient transportation of astronomical accessories and also compact mounts for astrophotography. We recommend the bag for mounts like:
♦ Skywatcher Star Adventurer (the complete mount fits, but without tripod)
♦ iOptron SkyTracker (enough space also for accesssories and even the camera)
♦ Lacerta PhotoRobot panorama head
♦ Vixen Polarie (enough space for accessories or camera)
♦ Baader travelling mount NanoTracker

Inner dimensions: L x W x H - 33 x 16 x 18 cm
Outer dimensions: L x W x H - 37 x 18 x 22 cm
Weight: approx. 500 grams
♦ TS Photo Bag

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