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  • TS Optics 2.5" Rack and Pinion Focuser - supports up to 6 kg - travel 95 mm  
  • TS Optics 2.5" Rack and Pinion Focuser - supports up to 6 kg - travel 95 mm

    • Číslo produktu: TSFOCR25
    • Výrobca: TS Optics
    • Váha dodávky: 1.24 kg

    Naša cena: 355 €
    Na sklade v e-shope: 2 ks 

TS-Optics 2.5" Rack and Pinion Focuser - supports up to 6 kg - travel 95 mm

Since years, Teleskop-Service has looked for an alternative to high-end focusers for an affordable price. Now we can offer a very good high end focuser for an incredible price.
At the camera side we choosed to use today´s standard threads of available accessories like field flatteneres and reducer/flatteners, to save you money purchasing expensive adapters. Together with Images we designed a new rock solid focuser operating ultra-smooth.

Telescope side connection - M90x1 female thread:

The TS 2.5" rack and pinion focuser is attached to the telescope via an M90x1 female thread adapter. A 360 rotation is also included - guaranteed without tilting. The connection fits directly to the RC astrographs of GSO and AstroTec. However, please note that the free opening on the extension side of your telescope must be at least 74 mm. This is the diameter of the extension tube with the rack. For smaller RCs, we have the TSFOCR25S, which has a shorter extension tube.
For DIY construction, an 81 mm push-in barrel connector is included.
We also offer individual adaptations to your telescope, just ask us.

Camera side / eyepiece side connection:

The TS 2.5" rack and pinion focuser has a M63x1 connection thread on the camera side. This allows direct screwing of corrector systems like the TS 2.5" full-frame flattener for refractors or the Riccardi M63 reducer for refractors and RC telescopes.
In addition, a reduction to 2″ receptacle (compression ring with 3 screws) and a reduction from 2″ to 1,25″ are of course included in the scope of delivery.

More stability and precision - rack and pinion system:

Our focusers does not use ballbearing supports which tend to tilt, our focusers use teflon support which guarantee a complete lack of play due to heavy loading. The transport of the draw tube is completely seperated. This offers best possible stability and smooth movement.

Connection on telescope side: 81 mm push-in connector and M90x1 female thread (12 mm deep) with 360 rotation
Camera side connection thread: M63x1 mm internal thread
Eyepiece side connections: 2″ and 1,25″ with compression ring
Shortest overall length: 85 mm from M90 thread connection to M63 internal thread / 103 mm to 2″ connection
Position of the extension tube at innermost focus position: 81.5 mm behind the M90 connection thread
Focusing range: 95 mm
Free inner diameter: 62 mm with anti-reflex thread
Outer diameter of the draw tube: 69 mm + 3 mm for the rack
Dual-speed Reduction ratio: 1/10 micro-reduction
Load capacity: up to 6 kg
Weight with rotation adapter: 1240 g (43.5 oz.)
Obsah balenia:
2.5" focuser
M90 telescope connection adapter with 360 rotation
2″ adapter with compression ring on the M63 connection thread
1,25″ adapter with compression ring and 2″ filter thread
Finder shoe

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