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  • Okulárový výťah TS Optics 2″ UNC Gen. 2 Newtonian Focuser with additional thread - loads up to 5 kg  
  • Okulárový výťah TS Optics 2″ UNC Gen. 2 Newtonian Focuser with additional thread - loads up to 5 kg

    • Číslo produktu: UNCN2-G2
    • Výrobca: TS Optics
    • Váha dodávky: 0.9 kg

    Naša cena: 260 €
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    Sledovať dostupnost - Okulárový výťah TS Optics 2″ UNC Gen. 2 Newtonian Focuser with additional thread - loads up to 5 kg
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TS UNC 2″ RAP focuser for Newtonian telescopes

The TS UNCN2-G2 focuser is optimized for Newtonian telescopes when heavy accessories need to be precisely focused. Especially for astrophotography this focuser is optimized. Therefore we recommend this focuser also for the ONTC and UNC Newtonian telescopes from our own manufacturing. The rack and pinion focuser can be fully loaded with accessories weighing up to 5 kg without tilting or reducing the accuracy of the adjustment. Due to the principle, slipping of the draw tube is also not possible.

The advantages and product features of the UNCN2-G2 focuser:

♦ Highest rigidity - the drawtube is held by 8 ball bearings and the adjustment of the drawtube is done via gear drive
♦ 22 mm adjustment range via the gear drive
♦ The focuser holds up to 5 kg with full accuracy
♦ M54x0.75 intermediate thread for screw adaptations or if the drawtube needs to be extended, suitable extension tubes are available from us.
♦ One of the shortest focusers in its class with only 58 mm overall height up to 2″ and only 50 mm overall height to the M54x0.75 thread when the drawtube is retracted
♦ Easy attachment to existing tubes, the base is included in delivery
♦ The focuser is not clamped by pressure on the drawtube, which can cause tilting. It is clamped by the adjustment shaft. This keeps the focus position at 100% without the risk of tilting, which is important for astrophotography
♦ 1:11 dual speed provides accurate manual adjustment, especially for fast telescopes this is a must.
♦ Motorized controls for the focuser are available.

Screw connection of correctors to the M54x0.75 thread of the focuser:

If the corrector is screwed to the focuser, tilting is prevented. Therefore, many astrophotographers attach great importance to this. We have developed a short adapter to M48x0.75 especially for this focuser, the # M54a-M48i. The adapter is only 3 mm short. It is linked in the accessories section.
♦ The coma correctors MPCC from Baader and TSGPU from TS-Optics have an additional M48 thread for screw adaptations. You can use these threads and have the full working distance of 55 mm available.
♦ However, you can also use other correctors with the short adapter # M54a-M48i, but the prerequisite is that the M48 thread on the camera side is at least 5 mm long. Then there is still enough thread left for the camera connection. Please take into account, however, that the working distance of the corrector is reduced by 3 mm.

What is the function of the screws on the bottom?

A: Mounting screws for the focus drive. Have to be tightened carefully.
B: Access bore for the locking screw of the 1:10 part
C: Locking screw for the planetary gear housing
D: Access bore for the left focus wheel locking screw
E: Adjustment screw for rack & pinion spacing

How to adjust the friction?
As this focuser is a rack & pinion system, a "friction" cannot be adjusted separately. If necessary, slightly tighten the "lock" thumbscrew. In no case the adjustment screw "E" may be used for this. It is adjusted by the factory. To eliminate axial play, carefully tighten this screw until the no play is noticeable anymore. Then, do not tighen further.

Construction: RAP focuser - ball bearing mounted
Load capacity: up to 5 kg
Bearing: 8 ball bearings
Adjustment: Helical toothed rack
Minimum height: 58 mm up to the 2″ receptacle
Eyepiece side connections: 1,25″, 2″ and M54x0.75 female thread on drawtube
Adjustment range of the focuser: 22 mm
Reduction ratio: 1/11
Locking: Locking screw on the adjustment shaft
Fixing of the focuser to the base: Self-centering ring dovetail with 80 mm diameter
Distance of holes in the base: 55 mm lengthwise and 92 mm crosswise to the tube and additionally two oblong holes lengthwise to the tube
Weight: 900 grams
Obsah balenia:
Adapter to 1,25″ with dust cap
Protective cover for fine adjustment

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