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  • Okulárový výťah TS Optics 3" Newtonian Crayford Focuser, dual speed  
  • Okulárový výťah TS Optics 3" Newtonian Crayford Focuser, dual speed

    • Číslo produktu: UNCN3
    • Výrobca: TS Optics
    • Váha dodávky: 1.2 kg

    Naša cena: 605 €
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TS-Optics UNCN3 3" Crayford focuser for Newtonian telescopes

With the ONTC and UNC Newtonians, Teleskop-Service manufactures Newtonian telescopes in the higher quality range. Now we are pleased to offer you the high-quality 3" UNCN3 focuser from this model range separately, for do-it-yourself work or for upgrading your Newtonian.

The TS UNCN3 focuser convinces with an especially high quality workmanship:

The focuser is designed for high loads and best possible precision at the same time. Especially in astrophotography, high precision of the focuser is demanded.
♦ The steel ball-bearings are oversized.
♦ As counterpart to the ball-bearings. a V2A stainless steel plate is used. Even at maximum load, adjustment is smooth.
♦ Maximum load of the focuser is 6 kg, with full precision and smoothness.
♦ The 1:10 transmission is made out of V2A sttel in professional quality.
♦ The focuser offers compression rings for 3", 2″ and 1,25″ accessories.
♦ The drawtube accepts 3" accessoiries on its complete length, no bottelneck blocks the passage.
♦ The drawtube was provided with an antireflex thread.
♦ In addition, there is an M82 auxiliary thread on the drawtube to be able to permanently install M82 filters, for example.

Motorfocus - for many astrophotograpers a MUST-HAVE

The USB_FOCUS_SET and the USB_FOCUS_SET-H can easily be adapted to the UNCN3 focuser by using the BR-UNCN3.
The USB_FOCUS allows for motorized focusing and even complete remote operation.
We will offer more interesting solutions for motorized focusing soon.

Weight: 1200 g
Shortest length: 80 mm to 3" clamping and 95 mm to 2″ clamping
Adjustment range of drawtube: 40 mm
Thread in the tube side end of the drawtube: M82x1 female
Connection to Newtonian telescope tube: via base - suitable for Newtonians from 220 mm tube diameter to a flat supporting surface.
Connection at the eyepiece and camera side: 3" compression ring, 2″ compression ring und 1,25″ compression ring
Dual speed focusing: yes
Base: 114x114 mm with female M6 thread - 100 mm lengthwise to tube and 99 mm crosswise to tube
Obsah balenia:
TS UNCN3 Newtonian Focuser
Reduction 3" to 2″ and 2″ to 1,25″
Base for Newtonian telescopes

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