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  • TS Optics Adapter - M54x0.75 male thread to 2″ eyepiece mount

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TS-Optics Adapter from M54x0.75 to 2″ eyepiece mount

The adapter is a part of the TS Rotation System and allows the connection to telescopes, correctors and focusers with M54x0.75 female thread. You can attach the connection adapters of the TS Rotation System to it. The three knurled screws are optimally suited for the ring dovetail of the adapters. You can also clamp any 2″ accessories. With 50.8mm free aperture, the adapter offers very good illumination, which is especially important for full-frame cameras.

The TS Rotation System - a particularly flexible adapter concept

The adapter presented here is part of the TS Rotation System. It is a further development of existing adapter solutions with significantly more functions. The TS Rotation System offers a number of advantages:
♦ 2″ connection: The rotary system always includes a 2″ connection.
♦ 2″ filter connection: 2″ filters can be integrated into the system.
♦ 360 rotation: This allows you to always bring the camera and eyepiece into the optimal position.
♦ Self-centering and securing: The connection is made via a ring-shaped groove (ring dovetail). This keeps the adapter in the correct position without twisting.
♦ especially short: This makes it easy to reach the focus with most systems.

A schematic representation of the TS rotation system

On the left side you will find the telescope side connectors, on the right side the eyepiece or camera side connectors.
The ports are freely combinable, so you can change the ports at will, in any direction. In addition, the TS rotation system enables an integrated connection of 2″ filters.
We offer the following connectors:
♦ T2 (M42x0.75)
♦ M42x1 screw thread (M42x1)
♦ 2″ filter thread (M48x0.75)
♦ 2″ SC thread (Celestron/Meade)
♦ M54x0.75 male thread

Applications of the TS Rotation System

Representative of many applications, we present here a few possible applications:
♦ Space-saving way to bring 2″ filters between telephoto lens or telescope and camera. For example, you can make the Rubinar 300, 500 or the MTO 1000 (Mak 1000) fit for filter photography.
♦ Adaption with filter slot and 360 rotation for many image field flatteners and correctors: Modern correctors offer a longer distance from the connection thread (e.g. M48 or SC) to the camera plane. There the rotation system offers an elegant possibility of rotation and also adaptation.
♦ Quick coupling:An important part of the rotation system - within seconds you have separated the camera from the telescope or tele, e.g. to change batteries. The laborious screwing is no longer necessary.
♦ Protecting the camera from dust: The adapter with the 2″ filter can always remain in front of the camera, effectively preventing dust from entering the inside of the camera body.
♦ Protecting the telescope from dust: Attached to the focuser, the rotation system can also effectively protect the inside of the telescope from dust, and you can place a 2″ filter here, such as a 2″ IR and UV blocking filter.
♦ Short 2″ adapter: The rotation system always includes a 2″ adapter - this is a nice side effect, you can easily connect this exciting system.
These are only a few applications, much results from astronomical practice - and that is exactly what the TS Rotation System is - a system developed by hobby astronomers for hobby astronomers.

Connection telescope side: M54x0.75 male thread
Connection camera side: 2″ eyepiece mount
Length: 18 mm
Free aperture: 50.8mm throughout for good illumination
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TS adapter with three knurled screws

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