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  • TS Optics M48 universal adapter, rotator and filter holder for astro cameras with 17.5 mm and T2 thread  
  • TS Optics M48 universal adapter, rotator and filter holder for astro cameras with 17.5 mm and T2 thread

    • Číslo produktu: TSm48-T2-Fiha
    • Výrobca: TS Optics

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TS M48 Adapter + Filter Holder + Quick Coupling + 360 Rotation for all cameras with T2 connection and 17.5 mm flange focal distance

Many correctors have a M48 thread on the camera side and require a working distance of 55 mm. On the other hand, very many astro cameras have a T2 connection and a back focus of 17.5 mm (= distance from T2 thread to sensor). This adapter is a universal talent, an adapter that meets almost all requirements especially for owners of color cameras.
The adapter makes sense especially if a complete shooting session is worked with only one filter, which is the case with most color cameras.

Adaptation to T2 and correct working distance of 55 mm

The length of the adapter is 37.5 mm. If you add the 17.5 mm flange focal distance of the camera from ZWO, ToupTek, etc., the distance is exactly 55 mm from the M48 thread of the corrector.

Filter holder for mounted 2″ filters

The adapter allows a connection of 2″ filters directly in front of the camera. This is better than a connection on the filter thread of the corrector, if available. Above all, the illumination is improved, since mounted 2″ filters usually have only about 44 mm clear aperture. Especially with larger sensors, every millimeter counts.

360 rotation in front of the camera

It is often necessary to rotate the camera to get the optimal image section. Although many focusers also offer this rotation, it is often difficult and inaccurate. In addition, the position of the focus and the motor then also changes. Here you just rotate the camera and when you have reached the desired position, simply tighten the screws. The camera is then optimally oriented and aligned.

Quick coupling

Sometimes you have to take the camera off completely to check something. When the camera is connected to the computer, unscrewing it becomes impossible. The cables would get completely twisted. The quick release solves the problem. In a few seconds the camera is detached and also attached again, even while it is connected to the computer.

Convenient for DARKS

With the light-tight KAM48R screw adapter, you close the camera absolutely light-tight and you can make darks and BIAS. Of course, the protective cap can also remain in the thread for storage when the camera remains on the adapter. This way, the camera interior is always well protected from dust.

Practical protection for storage

The camera does not even have to be separated from the camera adapter and filter holder. When the filter is unscrewed at the end of the shooting session, you can simply put the dust cap KA2z over it. The counterpart on the telescope can also remain there and the insertion opening is covered by the protective cap KI2Z.

Can also be used as 2″ adapter

In astrophotography, flat field telescopes are often used, with these telescopes the corrector is already built into the tube. The adapter is also ideally suited for these telescopes. The adapter fits directly into the 2″ receptacle on the focuser. Transition adapters from M48 to M54, M63 or M68 are of course also available.

Connection camera side: M42x0.75 outside
Connection telescope side: M48x0.75 inside and 2″ barrel
Optically effective length: 37.5 mm
Intermediate thread: M48x0.75 filter thread (female)
Additional functions: Quick coupling and rotation
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3 thumbscrews

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