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  • Helical výtah TS Optics (M48)

    • Číslo produktu: Helifoc
    • Výrobca: TS Optics

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TS Helifoc - a short and precise focuser

A true helical focuser like this works like a camera objective - when you turn the focusing ring, neither the lens nor the camera (or eyepiece and diagonal) will rotate. The only motion is in and out.

The advantage of this helical focuser is the fine adjustment possible, in part due to the fine pitch of the focusing ring´s thread, and in part due to the large diameter of the ring. In the case of the TS Helical Focuser, virtually backlash-free movement and graduated markings on the focusers allow repeatable return to the focus point simply by noting the focus position reading.

Advantages of the TS non rotating helical focuser:

♦ no rotation of the diagonal or camera - the only motion is in and out
♦ wide focus range: 51 mm minimum height, 91 mm maximum height
♦ easy adaption to the telescope tube and the camera
♦ good solution for telescope or objective self construction
♦ M48x0.75 (2″ filter) threads at both sides, with all adaption possibilities
♦ generous clear aperture of 45 mm
♦ also suitable as variable M48 extension 51 mm to 91 mm for the perfect working distance
♦ two screws for locking the drawtube

Wide focussing range and short length:

The Helical focuser has a wide focussing range of 40 mm, but it is very short, with a minimum height of only 51 mm. So you can use the focuser on telescopes or telephoto lenses with little space to the focus point, like Newtonians.

Note: This focuser is not suitable for heavy accessories, it will tilt.

The main use is with small CCD cameras for planetary photography, 1,25″ eyepieces and lightweight 2″ eyepieces.

Optional acessories:

Connections to Objectives or Telescope tubes:

♦ TST2-M48L - Adaptor to T2-thread
♦ TSVF230 - Adaptor with 2″ barrel (connection to 2″ receptacle of telescopes)
♦ TSSC-M48 - Adaptor to SC Thread (connection to Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes)

Connections on the camera site of the focuser:

♦ TSM48-T2 - Short adaptor to T2-thread
♦ TS2-1 - Adaptor with 1,25″ receptacle
♦ TS2-1-T2 - Adaptor with 1,25″ receptacle and T2-thread


Type: non rotating helical focuser with index marks and fixing screws
Connection thread on the telescope side: female M48x0.75 thread (2″ filter thread)
Connection thread on the camera side: male M48x0.75 thread
Minimum height: 51 mm
Maximum diameter: 69 mm
Focussing range: 40 mm

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