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  • Filter changer TS Optics with M54x0.75 thread for full frame cameras  
  • Filter changer TS Optics with M54x0.75 thread for full frame cameras

    • Číslo produktu: TSFSLM54
    • Výrobca: TS Optics
    • Váha dodávky: 0.1 kg

    Naša cena: 117 €
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     Filter changer TS Optics with M54x0.75 thread for full frame cameras 117 €

TS-Optics Filter Drawer for Astrophotography

Change filters in seconds without removing or turning the camera. Weighing only 100 grams and measuring 80 millimeters in diameter, this filter drawer is more compact and lighter than any filter wheel. The filter drawer is an exciting alternative for any combination of filters. Even the combination of 1,25″ and 2″ filters is possible. This makes the TS filter drawer one of the most versatile accessories for filter changing on the market.

The TSFSLM54 for full frame cameras with M54 mount

Most full frame cameras, such as ZWO´s ASI6200 and ASI2400, have an M54x0.75 mount thread. This filter drawer fits directly on the camera to provide the best possible illumination.

The advantages of TSFSL filter drawers at a glance:

♦ With a reinforced body and longer internal and external threads, the drawer is also suitable for heavy cameras.
♦ With only 100 grams and 85 mm diameter, the focuser is hardly stressed, filter changes become possible even for smaller telescopes.
♦ You can use any filter and filter combinations and even change between mounted 1,25″ and 2″ filters, suitable inserts can be found in the accessory recommendations.
♦ Due to the length of only 17 mm, the drawer can easily be combined with most cameras and correctors.

Application areas of the TS-Optics filter drawer:

♦ Deep-sky astrophotography: L-RGB images, false color images, contrast enhancement by nebula filters with monochrome or color astrocameras and DSLRs
♦ Planet observation and planetary photography: Quickly change color filters to enhance the contrast effect. In photography, the images can be combined well later.
♦ Dep-Sky observation: The impressions without filter, with UHC filter, O-III filter and other filters can be compared directly. So you always get the maximum of details out of the observation object!

Which filter insert fits?

We offer inserts for 1,25″ filters and 2″ filters:

♦ TSSCHUB1 ... insert for 1,25″ filters. The cell can be up to 7 mm high (the external thread of the mount is not included).
♦ TSSchub2 ... insert for low-profile 2″ filters. The cell can be up to 6.5 mm high (the external thread of the mount is not included in the calculation).

You can order any number of the inserts via "Customize your product".

Practical Tips from Teleskop-Service:

♦ Especially with adaptations for astrophotography it often depends on the fraction of a millimeter. With our M48 fine tuning rings and extension rings, you can adapt the filter drawer exactly into your "image train".
♦ We recommend one insert per filter. It is rather impractical to unscrew filters during photography or observation.
♦ The FIPA92 protective case offers optimum storage, so that the filters are always ready at hand and are stored gently.


Connection telescope side: M54x0.75 female thread - length 4.4 mm
Connection camera side: M54x0.75 male thread - length 4 mm
Optically effective length: 17.5 mm (without the male thread)
Weight: about 100 grams
Diameter: 85 mm

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