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  • Omegon 2″ extension tube

    • Číslo produktu: 71098
    • Výrobca: Omegon

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With many telescopes, the focal plane is somewhat further out so that photographic use is also possible. However, the problem then arises that certain eyepieces can no longer be focused.

This is only one of the tasks solved by the 2″ extension tube.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • High processing quality
  • 2″ filter thread

This sleeve bridges the optical path and thus allows to have the focuser in a relatively normal position. The extension sleeve has a very high processing quality. The "optical path" does not include the length of the 2″ extension tube, as it disappears into the 2″ focuser, for example.

Connection (to the telescope) 2″
Optical length(mm) 40,5
Filter thread yes
Connector (other end) 2″
Material Aluminium
Type Adaptors
Type of build Extension tube
Overall size LxWxH(mm) 60x60x62,5


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