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TS 585CP Color Astro Camera of the latest Generation without Amp Glow

The camera with the powerful Sony IMX585 sensor allows astrophotography on a very high level. This modern sensor can be used for all areas of astrophotography. The 3.7 m pixels make this camera a high resolution all-rounder with highest sensitivity for short exposure times.
Another advantage is the sensational light sensitivity. The QE of 80% by the BACK ILLUMINATION technology already allow deep astro images with short exposure times. This makes the camera very well suited for deep sky photography.
The "single-shot" color camera offers more convenience compared to monochrome cameras. Not everyone wants to use the laborious L-RGB process for beautiful colored nebula images or planetary images. The color cameras offer you the possibility to get beautiful images without changing filters. But in direct comparison to the DSLR camera, the color camera convinces with a disproportionately higher light sensitivity, a smoother image and much more depth. Stars do not burn out as quickly.

Back-illumination technology:

Sony´s back-illuminated CMOS imaging sensor improves sensitivity and noise reduction - key factors in improving image quality - by changing the basic pixel structure from front- to back-illuminated. The advantages of CMOS image sensors, such as low power consumption and high operating speed, have been retained.
The back illumination improves the light acquisition and increases the amount of light at the same time. This makes significantly shorter exposure times possible and leads to an improved quantum efficiency of 80%.
Sony has developed a unique photodiode structure and on-chip lens optimized for backside-exposed structures, this results in higher sensitivity and lower random noise without light by reducing noise, dark current and defective pixels compared to the conventional front-side-illuminated structure.

No amp glow:

Conventional CMOS sensors produce a faint infrared light source during operation, which can often be seen in the corners of uncalibrated images as a telltale sign of "amp glow". Since the TS585CP uses zero amp glow circuitry, you don´t have to worry about amplifier glow even when using high-gain, long-exposure images.

Optimal support before and after purchase through Teleskop-Service

Through many years of experience, we can offer you optimal advice and also a very good after-sales service. We can perform almost all services at our premises. For a professional service we have among other things also a clean cabinet, where we can carry out repairs, cleaning etc. under dust exclusion.

Connection to correctors with M48 thread and 55 mm working distance with filter change

Most coma correctors or field flatteners for refractors have 55 mm working distance and an M48x0.75 thread on the camera side. Here you will find an interesting suggestion for the connection. The camera has a back focus of 17.5 mm from the T2 female thread. The adapters are from the camera to the corrector:
1. TSFSLM48T2 - filter drawer with T2 connection on the camera side and M48 thread on the telescope side.
2. TSVF220 - 20 mm M48 extension.
Total 55.5 mm flange focal distance - the 0.5 mm compensates well for the glass travel of the filter - spot landing!!!

The manufacturer of the camera is ToupTek

As one of the largest manufacturers of professional cameras for digital photography, ToupTek brings the necessary knowledge for cameras that just work. Teleskop Service receives the cameras directly from the manufacturer, we are in direct contact with ToupTek to provide you with first class service.

Product video

Teleskop-Service has made an overview video for ToupTek´s cameras:


Sensor: CMOS color sensor IMX585
Size: 11.14 mm x 6.26 mm - 12.78 mm diagonal
Pixel size: 2.9 m
Number of pixels: 3840 x 2160 - 8.3 MP
Bit depth: 8 Bit and 16 Bit @HDR
Frames per second: 45 fps at 12 bit and full resolution, 70 fps at 8 bit and full resolution
Cooling: Peltier cooling up to 42 C below ambient temperature
Power supply: 12 V, 3 A
Power connection: 5.5/2.1 mm coaxial power connector (2.5 mm DC connector)
Interfaces: USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
Supported operating systems: Windows from XP
Dimensions: Diameter 80 mm - length 100 mm
Connection telescope side: T2 internal thread (M42x0,75)
Back focus: 17.5 mm (distance sensor to internal thread)
Obsah balenia:
Dust cap (on camera)
Telescope adapter
Power supply unit with power cord
USB 3.0 high-speed cable - length 1.5 meters
USB stick with software
Note with QR code and web link
Transport case

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